small things.

sometimes it’s necessary to forget about the big picture of life, stop worrying about jobs or lack thereof, about chores you should be doing, about anything except what’s right in front of your face in that particular moment.  i’m greatfull for the place that i’m housesitting because it allows me to remember that sometimes.  

there are 2 big dogs that i get to take on hikes everyday, comet (the big one) and luna (the litle one).  we went on a long hike up boston hill this morning, where i took pictures and the dogs just ran circles around me.




yucca baccata… i love these plants.  they are a big part of the reason for my move to new mexico.  they remind me of something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book.  they make me smile every time i see one.  there are a lot of different yucca around here but the one above is my favorite.  and here is an example of a real funny lookin’ one.

100_0703there are also soooo many beautiful wild flowers.



100_0705i don’t know what most of these are.  the white one is a prickly poppy.  i have ben having so much fun learning all the plants around here, they are so different than the ones i’m used to in alaska.


100_0714this is mullen.  very handy to have around when your in the woods and out of tp.  it is also an effective expectorant.  i think the natives smoke it but i kinda think that defeats the purpose if you are in need of an expectorant.  i have always made a tea.  it is very bland and you have to let is steep for a long, long time.

i also get to hang out with these little babies all day.

100_0720lady marmalade, quinoa, and jengo.


and… here are some hats, just because they are small too.  i designed these a couple of weeks ago.  it is really way too hot to wear them now but winter will be here sooner than i think.



hat34well thats it for now… have a good day!


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