among other things… missing alaska.

i have left silver city.  for good as far as i know.  i packed everything i own (except my spinning wheel, which i now am wishing i had left something less important, say all of my clothes, to make room for it; and my broken sewing machine, which i’m sure if my dad and i put our heads together we could remedy) into my car, hopped in and drove towards the wretched inferno… i mean texas.  now i am here visiting my dad and playing with my little brother; i have found myself missing alaska… a lot.  i don’t know if it’s the heat, or seeing my dad, or being thrown into a new situation that makes me long for my far away home, but i do know that i love it there.


i love the breeze, and the flowers, and the water, and the moose, and the smell… always crisp with the memory of winter on its shoulders, and the green.

100_1049 these are some picture i recently dug up of some of my adventures in ak.  this is a hike about 40 miles north of anchorage, near hatchers pass, called reed lakes.  its about 4 miles one way and after trying to scramble your way up mud slides and a mile and a half of boulder hopping you end up at lower reed lake.

100_1052which is the offspring (via giant waterfall) of upper reed lake.

100_1051which is the offspring of glacier run-off i believe.  making it very very cold.

100_1050this is my friend doug.  he shared a lot of my alaska adventures with me.  this is a picture of him testing the fridgidness of the water before he went for a little swim; which was a hilarious event lasting about 7 seconds and resulting in the loss of feeling in his fingers and toes.

this picture also inspired a little painting of mine.


…and now on to other things.

i have recently completed my first triangle shawl.  i am really very excited about this.  i have been trying to conquer a triangle shawl for some time now and i had almost come to the point where i thought i met my match in knitting. i think it was because i just couldn’t wrap my mind around the construction process, and the way that they start at the neck.  but i finally just buckled down and plowed through one.


100_1009this is the gail (aka nightsong) shawl by jane araujo.  i knit this out of Misty Alpaca Lace, 100% alpaca on size US4 needles.  it actually knit up pretty quick,  only having to redo a couple of part a couple of times it took me the better part of four days to knit and block.


100_1070now that i have one under my belt i think i might be ready to take on my dream shawl… the aeolian shawl by elizabeth freeman, but alas… i haven’t the yarn with the balls to meet this challenge with me.

i’ll make these next ones short since this is getting rather long.

i have still been making hats.  and i have also discovered that no two washing machines are alike.  the settings that i was using to felt hats in silver city is producing kids hats here in texas.  i haven’t figured out the right recipe for felting here but i’ll keep trying.

100_1015this hat would fit a three year old i think.

100_1039this is the only one that turned out good in my opinion.

…last but not least.

100_1005this is ABC the floppy-head kitty.

100_1007the pattern is ysolda’s stuffies.

100_1010made with alpaca and adored by aidan!


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