cashmere & world peace.

this is it! my campaign for world peace.  and what is it?  cashmere… that’s right.


it is a known fact that most people wear uncomfortable undies. you might be right now!  and seriously… how can one possibly have a cheery outlook on life when they have a piece of string up their butt.  i think we should all stop compromising our happieness just to make our backside look good. so take care of that wonderfully round part of the human anatomy and make sure it’s comfortable and soft lest an unsuspecting waitress gets a face-full of grouchieness.

i am fairly certain that if everyone covered their posterior in cashmere they would feel soooooo good that they would commit random acts of kindness on unsuspecting innocent bystanders.

100_1151and if the butt’s of the entire world were cozied up in cashmere then there would be no desire to start a conflict with anyone.  i think it would inspire everyone to make the world beautiful and full of laughter, to snuggle up with a good book or have coffee with friends, to learn and to grow, and to be happy and smile more.  i mean, seriously, how could you not smile when your rump is so comfey.


this is a modified version of Marnie MacLean’s Assets of Evo.  i cast on for the small size and instead of having the front tie come out on the inside i made it on the outside.  because of the fair isle inertia i had to do all my increasing 13 st. in instead of 1 st, and i increased every 10 st at the bottom instead of every other st. i didn’t like the dramatic ruffle that she has so i also did a 2×2 rib at the bottom edge before the picot bindoff.

all in all i am very happy with these and i have many many more ideas for changing the world… 1 pair of undies at a time.

100_1157p.s.  piggies are fun!

that’s all ya’ll


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