qiviut and… altoids?

pronounced kiv ee uit, is the underwool of the arctic muskox.  it is eight times warmer than wool and is finder than cashmere.  it actually resembles cashmere in a lot of ways; to the touch and even in microscopic appearance.  it has few and smooth scales which means it can withstand shock and agitation without felting or shrinking.  it’s natural color is beautiful,  a greyish brown.

100_1372for it technically to be qiviut it has to be picked down to just the soft under layer of the muskox.  the bag that i got last christmas is unpicked but i don’t care.  i just left it the way that is is.  the outer layer is darker and i like the way it looks with the light under layer when spun up.  it does have a generous amount of dirt in it, or maybe even poo for all i know or even care.  i’ll wash it when i’m done knitting with it.

100_1377i plan to make the aeolian shawl with it.

since i have left my spinning wheel behind in new mexico {insert swift kick in the ass here} i have to use my drop spindle.  this is where the probem began.  my drop spindle is really big and heavy and did not work well with the fine quivet and the fact that i was trying to make it lace weight.  it broke every 5 seconds and defined the DROP spindle on a whole new, very irritating level.   so here’s where the altoids come in…

100_1389i made this yesterday with the top of an altoids can, a chopstick, a paperclip and some super glue.  it works fabulously!

in action…

100_1382my yarn is still a little thick and thin but i’m getting better.

100_1384more on the ‘morrow.


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