arctic lace

here is my first skein of qiviut!!!

100_1394yeah!!! it is so soft and beautiful.  i can’t wait to knit with it.  aeolian shawl here i come!!!

i used to have a book by donna druchunas called arctic lace.  i lost it somewhere, but it was the book that started my love affair with lace and qiviut and with the history of fibers and design.

there is a co-op in alaska called the…

the co-op is owned by about 250 native alaskan women from remote coastal villages of alaska who knit each item by hand and then send them to an anchorage store where they are blocked and sold (for a LOT of money might i add). each village has a signature pattern derived from traditional aspects of village life and the eskimo culture; they may come from an ancient artifact or a beadwork design.  in donna’s book each of her lace patterns follows the same sort of theme.  they are inspired by traditional baskets or the trim of a parka or even an ancient painting on a wooden spoon.  i sooo with i hadn’t lost that book.

all of these next lace patterns come from

this design came out of an Aleutian knitters workshop, and depicts two sea otters playing.

this pattern comes from Mekoryuk, on Nunivak Island.  this pattern was derived from a 1200 year-old ivory harpoon head found on the island.

the village of Unalakleet, knits the Wolverine Mask pattern. This design was developed from a wolverine mask used in traditional dances.

well that’s about it for now.  i’m going to start my shawl today and i’ll be back tomorrow with an update on that!!


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