it’s a great day to dye.

today, whilst awaiting my new spinning wheel (rather impatiently might i add) i decided that some preparation was in order. so i dug out my dyes, and wrestled with my wall of wool where i found some delightful superwash merino. what’s even more delightful is that i thought i was all out of suerwash merino. this is the last of the batch that i bought at the taos sheep and wool festival about three years ago.

Imageit is my most favorite fiber to squoosh. it makes me purrr. however, it is not my favorite fiber to spin. due to the nature of superwash, it pretty much just fell through my fingers like smoke. but alas… after many, many hours, and quite a bit of swearing i managed to make some sock yarn with impressive yardage.


these are hanging at the Community Stash in Homer, AK! i think the one on the far left has over 600 yards!

Imagei love these dyes. just add vinegar! the colors are so vibrant, and the dyes are dynamic in uses. you can make continuous color that blends beautifully or splotchy bits of color that stay put. i prefer the later technique, which is what i used for the above mentioned sock yarn and also for some Corriedale that i found.


dying is a pretty toxic affair so i’m glad to have the house to myself for the weekend!

tomorrow… planting my garden!


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