open for business!

finally! after many years of dedicated procrastination i opened my etsy store! hurray! the hardest part was defintely starting. i’m not really sure what got in my way for the past couple of years. i thought about it a lot. i guess this is the first time that i’ve found myself with sufficient time and resources.

it will primarily be a yarn store. i’m am still without spinning wheel so i just posted the three surviving skeins of my dwindled stash. maybe someday i’ll have many more items, there is no shortage of ideas in my brain! but for now i’m just excited to see how the yarn sells!

i’m really happy with the photos!


this is 24 yards of core spun art yarn. after spinning a core of hand dyed wool, actually more like at the same time as i spun the core, i added picked mohair locks perpendicular to the core. now, while my hands were busy doing that, a strand of hemp, that i attached at the begining, was allowed to spin around the mohair wrapped core free of form. i love the way this looks. sometimes the strand doubles back, sometimes it get bunched up on itself, sometimes it encloses big slubs as if they were in a cage. it does whatever it wants and is like a little timeline of a small space with a certain speed at a brief point in time!


i used the same technique for this next skein.


for this one i used the same core as the first and also the same mohair locks but i dyed the locks first. and i used shimmery sewing thread for the wrap.


i like the first one better because it’s a little grittier and earthier. the second is very poetic and vague like a dream.


this is from a llama fleece that i got years ago from an etsy store. i really like llama fiber. i’m not very keen to sit and pick out all the guard hairs but luckily i don’t mind them at all! i think they add a lot of character to the texture!

back to gardening…


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