city garden!

i rent, so i am not allowed to rip up the stupid and entirely useless grass that sprawls from door to driveway. were i allowed to rip up the grass i could probably feed the whole block, but of course that’s an outrageous idea because i would be killing all of that beautiful grass!

some people’s ideals gross me out.


the planters are made of a felt like material to allow for aeration. also, being black will provide a little extra warmth for chilly nights in alaska. this is my first time using them so we’ll see how it goes. from front to back i’ve got broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, a different kind of zucchini, cabbage, and a cabbage/kale that i can’t remember and i’m hoping the same woman is at the farmers market next week so i can ask her.

over here…


there are forget-me-nots and baby’s breath in the cinder blocks and behind are oriental snow peas that will grow up the porch once i hang some netting there.

*side note – the colors hanging in the back are some of that cloud that i found in my kitchen yesterday proving that the same dyeing techniques used for targhee top will suffice for a cloud as well!


these little guys contain red russian kale seeds that will be transplanted into large circular planters of the terra cotta-ish  type.

at first i was a little apprehensive about this type of gardening, probably due solely to the fact that i wasn’t used to it; now i like it. there are little dots of garden here and there. soon there will be more dots.

i have plans to build long rectangular planters that can sit on the railing of my porch. in them i will plant lettuce, spinach and chard.

and there will be flowers.



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