yes. i’m a sweater dork.

hi! i’m osito. would you just look at my new sweater! it was presented to me, hot off the needles, last night. boy i’m a lucky bear. it’s been a while since i’ve had a wardrobe change and the change sure is welcome. (i was getting pretty sick of that last one… but don’t tell her that) this one is so cozy and soft and fit for one purpose only. snuggles. which happens to be my specialty!

this is erin again. the white yarn is of my own making. it is a corespun with a mohair halo. i spun this so long go that i can’t remember what the core it. probably some corriedale and i also know that i added some shredded sari silk. it’s kinda hard to see in the photos but there is some pinkish at the top of the lower stripe and also some orangish yellow on the slub at the collar. the grey is SUPER BULKY lofty from the brown sheep co. i’ve used this yard a lot.

i made this sweater last summer. it is not, however, a summer sweater at all. it is probably the warmest this i own.

the pattern is bonnie by Fiona Ellis from the Twist Collective. if you have not been to this site then go now. it is amazing! my sweater is a little modified. i used size US9 needles instead of US8 because my yarn is about 3X as bulky. i had a pretty tight gauge. the fabric probably would have been happier on size US11 needles but then i would have had to just pick a new pattern. i do this every time. i try to unite a pattern with completely unsuitable yarn in sweater matrimony. sometimes is manages to work. like here. i had to mess with the pattern a little. the cables for this asymmetrical design consist of 5 long slender twists and 1 fat traveling cable. i had to take out 1 slender twist completely, also i had to take out 1 purl stitch between all of the cables and i had to modify the slender twists by decreasing the distance traveled by one side by 1 sts. (actually i’m not sure why is wasn’t like that to begin with but who am i to judge another’s creativity) i also made the sleeves big enough to fit a chubby grasshopper so i made long moss stitch gussets and sewed them to the underside.

the collar is of my own design. the pattern had a high collar like i made but it was just flat with am open slit in it. i didn’t like it, so i used short rows and increases to extend one side to accommodate a button.

i said that i’ve used this yarn a lot and i wasn’t exaggerating.

this is sylvi by Mari Muinonen, also from the Twist Collective. again, go there now! this might be my favorite thing i’ve ever made. well, i have different categories of my favorite things i’ve ever made. this would fall into the tediously difficult and impressive category. it is not in the category of easy wear-ability. i lied to you above. this is the warmest thing i own. bonnie is warm because it was knit with small needles creating a tighter, wind resistant, warm fabric. on the other hand, sylvi is warm because it was knit with much bigger needles, US11 and it’s huge and heavy so it traps warm air next to your body. and a lot of the back it double layered!

the only thing that i modified about this pattern is the needle size. i believe it called for 10 1/2. i followed the smallest size and it turned out perfect!the buttons are russian olive circles made by a man in montana and sold at my local yarn store Far North Yarn Co.

still no spinning wheel. grumble.


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