more to do with city garden

let me introduce you to the newcomers…

on the right i have silverado swiss chard from Hume Organic Seeds and on the left, in the front, i have samish savoy spinach again from Hume Organics. the back of the left planter is empty for now but i will soon be the home of the red russian kale seeds i planted. the first terra cota-ish planter in the back is also awaiting kale sprouts.

i built these from 1×6’s that the boy at home depot was kind enough to cut for me. they are 1 foot by 7 feet. i then lined the bottom with weed barrier so that the grass doesn’t make rude appearance. the dirt i’m using is all natural by earthgro and i mixed it with cedar grove compost.

moving on…

this is a cocozelle squash. i got this at the spenard farmer’s market this morning. the cocozelle squash is a dark green zucchini with beautiful lighter green stripes that run down the length of the squash. i also found the woman that i bought the squash from last week and asked her about the kale that i bought and couldn’t remember the type. it is Portuguese kale. great!

and yes, that is a giant pot of lettuce right outside my front door! it’s an assortment of salad green both red and green.

and i said that there would be flowers…

well there will be! in the square planters i have nasturtiums: dwarf cherry rose and a trailing, single flower mix, and assortment of poppys and lobelia, there is also one other blue flower that i can’t remember. i really need to be better about writing down what i’m planting! in the rest of the smaller pots i have both kinds of nasturtiums, cosmos, and wild flax.

city garden!

notice how i have no dandelions?? that’s because i picked all their heads off to make wine this fall! a whole lot more fun and effective than squirting poison all over them like the woman across the street is doing right now. she’s and idiot.



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