the good and the bad confirmed.

but not in that order. first the bad. i tore my ACL. anterior cruciate ligament…

…that guy.

except i didn’t actually tear my ACL since mine was replaced with a cadaver’s tendon about 11 years ago. i will need surgery, but the interesting part about this is that i have no pain; my nerves never actually infiltrated the foreign part in my knee. things are surely amiss and my stability is compromised but i can get around just fine with no pain. and that’s all i’m going to say about that. it is what it is and it’s a fucking bitch.

now for the good. and boy is it good!

i could not be more happy with this wheel. it is the Morning Street traveling spinning wheel from Overland Handcraft. if you are in the market for a new wheel then don’t hesitate. there is really no need to bother with a louet. sure they make a fantastic wheel but they are so expensive and there are so many just as fantastic wheels out there for more than half the price of a louet. and you can support a true artist by buying this wheel. and it folds!!!

it is made out of black walnut and the design is ingenious! all unnecessary parts have been excluded or trimmed down. the mother-of-all attaches to the base with 2 screws and that is all the assembly required.

the back end of the flyer just rests into a little notch instead of sliding into a hole like many wheels, eliminating a lot of extra bulk to the wheel. it is held in place from the tension of the drive band on the bobbin.

the tension is controlled by a leather break band over a brass orifice on the front of the flyer. the break band is connected on one side with a simple snap and on the other side to the short end of an L shaped screw hook. the long end is enclosed in a wire spring and is controlled by a hand carved nob on the underside of the mother-of-all.

the bobbins are beautiful! the wheel came with three of them. there are 4 drive ratios on each bobbin (luxury!) the ratios range from 6:1 to 14.4:1.

the whole thing is so light. i couldn’t believe there was a spinning wheel inside the box when i picked it up at the post office.

and yes, i’m the happiest girl in the world. fuck the knee. at least it’s not my spinning knee!


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