suri alpaca

the 2 weeks that i gave myself to finish the guernsey is becoming unrealistic. partly because of my spinning wheel, more like mostly because of my spinning wheel, and a little because i’m bored with it. ah well. to counter this, however, i decided to start a complicated lace shawl; inevitably i will periodically get fed up with the tedium and long for a simple, mindless project. so that’s how i plan to finish the guernsey! it’s a little round-about but hey i can do whatever i want!

the pattern that i chose has been in my ravelry faves for years.  i was planning an making the aeolian shawl but at the last minute i thought i would just browse through my faves and see if anything else caught my fancy. well one did. the echo flower shawl by Jenny Johnson Johnen.

after i picked and printed the pattern i read the ravelry blerb and no wonder i like it so much. it is estonian lace which i love and part of the shawl shares a stitch pattern with a shawl that i completed about 3 years ago. lamanaria by Elizabeth Freeman. (she also designed the aeolian shawl).

i received this skein 2 years ago as a late birthday present.

932 yards of 100% suri alpaca by Cherry Tree Hill. the color is summer squash! very fitting indeed.

and boy howdy, it took me forever to wind that skein!

suri alpacas are a member of the camalid family, sharing lineage with huacaya alpacas, llamas, camels, and wild vicuna and guanaco. the suri dates back to no more the 20 thousand years ago and was probably domesticated about 6 thousand years ago.

the suri’s fleece is charastically unique among the camilids. the flat and twisted fibers create separate distinctive locks that drape down the sides of the suri’s body. the huacaya alpaca is much more fuzzy. the suri kinda looks like a dreddy!

the suri fiber is warmer than wool and as soft as cashmere. so far i am enjoying working with it immensely.  i decided to use size US2 needled instead of US5 like the pattern because i am using this beautiful 2 ply instead of 4 ply. this is going to be a giant undertaking but i’m in it for the long haul!


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