and rustic baskets of kisses

this reminds me of moments last fall. in girdwood for the weekend stealing kisses by the river. slightly hungover from the previous night’s shenanigans but not enough to regret anything! the air was crisp, dry, and deeply sweet. we ducked through alders for a ways then came upon the river. i took off my shoes and my new birthday socks and waded to a pebble bar. geez that water was cold but i didn’t care. i found a heart shaped rock but i didn’t say anything; i put it in my pocket for later.

dried leaves that share hue with turmeric and tabasco crunched under my feet on the walk back. we went to the library and read. i laughed at feeling like such a lucky lady.

acid dyed, handspun targhee top

364.7 yards


3-5 wpi

i will bring you happy flowers from the mountains,

bluebells, dark hazels,

and rustic baskets of kisses.

-Pablo Neruda

this yarn can be purchased here.



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