protecting my brassicas

the other day as i was watering city garden i had a great garden mommie moment! i have posted about city garden before but i think i failed to mention that this is my first garden. it is all my own. my gardening experience comes from working on a farm in maine and i had a room-mate a while back who had a garden in the back yard. i learned a lot from both situations. from the farm i learned how to garden and at my ex-room mate’s place i learned how not to garden.

so, as i was watering the other day i noticed that one of my cauliflower sprouts had a leaf that was all shriveled up and unhappy. at first i figured that it was just one of the bottom leaves that got burnt a little from being watered in the sun, but then i noticed that it didn’t share any of the characteristics of the other burnt bottom leaves. i decided to take the investigation further. i plucked the leaf and began to unroll it and as i did a bright green caterpillar fell out onto the grass.

i suspect that the cabbage white butterfly (pieris rapae) had something to do with this; i’ve seen her fluttering about lately.  she lays her eggs on the leaves of plants in the brassica family. brassicas are a genus of plants in the mustard family and are also called cruciferous vegetables. the genus includes, among others, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. the female butterfly seances the mustard oils in the plants and deposits her eggs on a leaf so that the larvae will have a snack when it hatches.

the snack was in progress when i happened upon the little green guy. now, i’m not usually one to get in the way of a creature and it’s snack, but it just so happens that the snack the snacker was snacking on was my snack. i’m a pretty fair snack sharer but i had to draw the line somewhere. no free-loaders at city garden please.

the greens of both this skein and of my growing cauliflower are similarly soft and thick, like lake water at dusk. lilac and pale yellow penetrate the layers of green and add dimension.

acid dyed, handspun 100% merino

196.5 yards

2.6 oz

5-7 wpi

this yarn can be purchased here.


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