the vanishing bees

colony collapse disorder is the abrupt disappearance of a large percentage of worker bees in a honey-beehive. it is unknown why this phenomenon occurs. some say pesticides, some say mites, the list goes on. it is probably a combination of factors, most of which will probably never even occur to us. for how could we possibly be able to tune our senses up so keenly, to that of a bees, as to detect the slightest variations in our equilibrium caused from an infinitesimally small shift in an ecosystem. a shift that just slipped past us.

there are quite a few foods that regularly make an appearance on most american dinner tables that simply can’t grow without the aid of honey bees. we are so blind to our delicacy. so handicapped by virility. our dinners are taken for granted and vital connections are never made.

the memory of them will fade to a pale yellow and grey. and then we’ll pale. and then we’ll fade.

acid dyed, handspun 100% merino

275 yards

3.8 oz

5 wpi

but luckily for us many, many connections are made everyday. go get curious. make a connection. observe your world. find out what’s going on between two blades of grass. watch how an ant cleans it’s antenna. hey, what’s under that rock over there? and geez, have you ever really looked at dirt?!

this yarn can be purchased here.


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