painting the loft

when my sister and i were little, but finally old enough to get our own rooms, our dad built us lofts. tall enough to put our desks underneath. tall enough to need a ladder. they were most excellent. in just a few days our rooms went from bring pretty safe and normal to fantastic jungle gyms. we flipped on and off with our friends, hung upside-down, climbed every which way and even made up crazy loft-bed-jungle-gym routines to music! the beds creaked and moaned under our shenanigans, but our ears were not tuned to that; there was too much laughter to be made.

very soon after they were built i decided that my bed (as i decide with most of my things) needed to be colorful. at the time green was my favorite color so my mom and i went and got some paint; she was most supportive with most of my colorful adventures. i chose a bright happy hue and the adventure was on. when it was done, however, i think i might have cried. it did not match any of the colors in my room and everything was clashing with each other. (a situation that might still make me cry).

actually it was more of a association thing. i have always associated everything and everyone with colors. the color i chose for my room, after inspecting it on a large scale was the exact shade of an obnoxious boy. i didn’t even want to go in my room when the offending color was in there so boldly. i felt like someone else, an obnoxious boy, had claimed lordship over my room and was pushing me into the corner with all of the other things i didn’t really want anymore. it was terrible.

since this was an adventure in color that my mother backed me on, we went straight back to the paint place and i chose a much richer, darker color that was more likely to get along with everything in my little childhood room.

acid dyed, handspun 100% corriedale silver

101 yards

3.6 oz

3-4 wpi

this yarn can be purchased here.


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