teaching myself ambidexterity

ambidextrous /ˌambiˈdekst(ə)rəs/ adj : using both hands with equal ease.

for most operations in my life this is just not an option. however, for somethings it comes more naturally than i would have anticipated. this entire skein was spun with my non-dominent side. left foot on pedal and left hand controlling the spin. as i’ve posted before, my left ACL is torn and my leg lost a lot of mass when i was in pain. i was having a really hard time spinning and watching my right leg, the leg that has taken on the charge of being 90% responsible for moving my body around, work away while my left leg sits and withers. so i switched. and it worked!

since my left knee isn’t in any pain, i’m really trying to build the mass back up before i have to have surgery. surgery will pretty much turn the left side into a noodle. i’m quite certain that if i work hard to build up my left side and give my right side a break now, i’ll have a much easier time with recovery and also i’ll have a little head start on PT.

spinning it turns out is a great, non-impact, pain-free, and enjoyable way of using muscles. the learning curve of switching to my non-dominant side was not very steep but it was there. it’s kinda like hopping into an automatic transmission after driving a stick shift for years; how you have to flail your arms about for a moment at starts and stops. and boy, my right leg gets jealous. it likes to twitch in time with the left. i have to keep a small portion of mind concentrated on keeping it calm.

acid dyed, handspun 100% corriedale silver

202 yards

4.2 oz

5-7 wpi



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