super lube

meow… meow… meow…

that’s what my spinning wheel says to me when she needs a lube job.


that’s a little bit more aggressive form of the same request.

the later was the latest to be conquered by super-me wielding my super lube machine oil. it’s a pretty tedious process identifying the audio intruder. it involves slowly spinning the wheel while placing your ear next to all moveable parts one after the other. and sometimes back and forth. and sometimes round and round.

aggressive, persistent, disgusting, and shattering noises drive me absolutely batshite. so, performing the tedious task of identifying the cyclical occurrences of squeaks and creeks and du dun duduns frazzels my nerves and makes my brain go dry and itchy.

i tried really hard to come up with an appropriately beautiful name for this yarn but the squeeking and the bonking dominated my creativity and this is what stuck! the color is like rose petal stains on vintage linen. intense and rich but not soft. dry edges like spicy south american wine.

acid dyed, handspun 100% merino

283 yards

3.6 oz

5-7 wpi

this skein can be purchased here.


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