erin, erin, sweater wearin’, how does your city garden grow?

like this…

in the front of my yard there is a big raised bed. i tried to clear it out but that proved way to difficult. witch grass everywhere. after i pulled and yanked, and struggled i realized that part of the wood that supported the raised bed was absent and the only thing holding all the dirt back was the tangle of witch grass roots. no veggies in there this year but it is a perfect place for wildflower mixes. also nasturtiums. little nasturtium faces are my favorite! there are some really cool sprouts in the mixes. i’m not sure what they are but i can’t wait till they grow and i  can find out. hopefully the roots of the flowers help keep the dirt from spilling out.

the first true leaf of my cocozelle squash. i was a little worried about this little guy for a while. it didn’t really seem to like it’s new home. but that all changed. very happy indeed!

my oriental snow peas take the prize! they are growing so fast. i need to get some netting to string up so they can climb and climb and climb.

my cabbage is also doing really nicely. i’m really hoping these containers work. i’m a little worried that they are too small. i really don’t want to rip any plant friends out!

that’s all ya’ll.


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