i held a hummingbird in my hand

it was frantically bashing it’s little body into the window. over and over again. i was standing in the farm store at the organic farm that i was apprenticing at in maine and i could sense the fear and anxiety that the tiny bird was feeling. i walked over to the window and slowly raised my hand. palm face down like i was cupping an orange. immediately the bird stopped, calmed, and then landed onto the top of my hand.

no love was shared between us (even though i’d like to think there was) and when i say that the bird calmed it was only in comparison to it’s previous state. there was a lot of tension and stress inside it’s little body. i felt it like static electricity down my arm. i stayed inside the store for just a moment and looked at it up close, how often does one get to look at a humming bird while it’s still? i felt it’s heart beating so fast through the top of my hand. i looked at it’s little eyes and at the beautiful colors dancing across it’s breast and throat. then i walked to the door and the second that there was an opening for the little bird to fly away and be free it was taken.

a connection was made for just a moment. unwavering trust was given to me and it reminds me to be humble.

perched upon my hand,

one hummingbird; then, to go.

trust then gratitude.

acid dyed, hand spun 100% targhee top

247 yards

4.1 oz

5-7 wpi

the ruby-throated hummingbird is the only species to regularly make an appearance east of the mississippi. the male has a distinct red collar around it’s throat that in some light can appear black. the color was neither when i looked at the hummingbird up close. it was dark and took on an oily sheen, like it contained every color that there is.

this yarn can be purchased here.


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