recently shat upon

i used to be under the impression that no color combination could possibly turn out ugly, that is was just not in the nature of color to be ugly. i was wrong. boy was i ever wrong. brace yourself gently readers, this is not pretty…

now you may be thinking… well that doesn’t look too bad! heed my warning gently readers, it is just your monitor playing tricks on your eyeballs. i assure you that this is in fact down right ugly. the colors include… monkey shit brown, dehydrated urination, neon lime green, and santa clause’s obese belly. yikes!

maybe there is a use for ugly sock yarn though. i was thinking, i have known some seriously smelly feet in my time. i like to refer to as nasty fucking foot syndrome. if you know someone who suffers (more like makes other people suffer) from this unfortunate condition, then just knit them up a pair of socks with this horridly hued sock yarn. then at party’s and get together’s folks will know that to linger is to risk an olfactory nightmare not easily recovered from. now here’s the best part… this is spun with superwash merino so no matter how wretched the offending foots may be you can just throw those nasty cardboard-hard sockies right in the washing machine. Great!

acid dyed, hand spun 100% superwash merino

589 yards

4 oz

7-9 wpi

don’t let the colors fool you, this is the softest fiber ever!

you can purchase this yarn here.



  1. This is my first foray in reading your blog, and already I love it. You said shat. You are a riot. As a dyer and knitter (especially of socks), I can say that there is something pretty freaking awesome about knitting up righteously ugly coloured socks—as long as they fit great. But I like wearing wonky socks. You could always give them as a gift to one of those people who asks you to knit things for them. You know, because it’s easy and doesn’t take any time. :/

    1. thanks for checking out my blog!! that’s a totally great idea. people are always asking me to make them stuff. even people i don’t know. that’ll show ’em!

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