i got an award! cool! many thanks to agujas for the nomination for the beautiful blogger award! her comments sure put a little kick in my step! (figuratively of course, torn acl and all)

The rules for the awards are: (1) Add the award to your blog; (2) Thank the blogger who gave it to you; (3) Mention seven random things about yourself; (4) List the rules; (5) Nominate 15 (Beautiful) / 7 (Lovely) bloggers; and (6) Inform the nominees by leaving a comment on their blogs.

so those are the rules…

and here are seven things about myself…

1. i like the smell of dryer exhaust.

2. it wasn’t until i was about 15 years old that i realized (embarrassingly) that my dad did not actually write brown eyed girl.

3. i like the sound of high heels in a room with grand acoustics.

4. i desperately want to be Leanord Cohen’s back up singer.

5. i think that wine tastes like how cardboard smells.

6. i’m not scared of spiders anymore.

7. i’m still scared in the dark.

and here are my nominations… there will be 3.

green bean’s string factory – her pictures and handspun yarn are so lovely!

gypsy by trade – i’m envious of his adventuring!

the stationary nomad – i love her art yarn!

well that’s that. go check out their blogs and i hope you like them as much as i do!

p.s. i’m in california. the trees are big here.



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