my name is for my friends

hi friends! i’ve decided to change the name of my blog! i changed it to just my name. it feels more right this way. when i created this blog in 2008 i had visions of creating an artists co-op that would pool together for some cause. i still like this idea and maybe irenic. art. will come into existence some day but for now it just doesn’t seen right.

irenic: favoring, conducive to, or operating toward peace, moderation, or conciliation.

i guess i just got tired of explaining what it means to people. my name will be easier to remember and makes more sense for what i’m doing right now.

erin (or eire)  also means peace in gaelic!

Irish nationalists used to use the word Erin as a more romantic and idealistic name for Ireland during the nineteenth century. Eirinn, the dative case of the Gaelic word Eire, means ‘Ireland’

as in Erin go Bragh. (much to my humiliation in elementary school when all the kids used to chant “erin wears a bra, erin wears a bra.” those little shits.)

and rae of course means a drop of golden sun.

i’ve changed the name of all of my sites to erin rae. art.

“my name is for my friends, and none of my friends is a murderer” -lawerence of arabia.

(and i’m sure none of you fine readers is a murderer either)


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