the icident of the oil paint on the dry gear

blame bob ross please, and all the happy little trees.

it was raining. it was always raining. i don’t think i’ve ever been on a kayak trip when it wasn’t raining. everything was wet and blue. so many colors of blue. blue and grey. grey and wet.

on this particular kayak trip to arch beach in tutka bay in kachemak bay out of homer, ak i was probably 14 and going through a small gothic phase. i also just learned how to oil paint thanks to some bob ross style painting classes at our local art supply store. i’m not sure how i convinced my mother to let me take all of my painting supplies on a kayak trip but there i was, under the tarp that was protecting all of our gear from the drizzle, painting away. i am equally astounded that the rest of the group let me sit under that tarp, amongst all of their expensive gear, as if i was in my boudoir lounging upon so may pillows. but again there i was, painting away. i suspect that i was a bit of a loose cannon and everyone thought that the painting of a serene seascape may help to calm me. at that point i had probably run out of the pack of cigarettes that the boy on the dock in homer had given me.

nothing was left unscathed. i was in trouble.

no one quite saw the charm in having little dots of color all over their gear like i did. people are weird.

acid dyed, hand spun 100% targhee top

290 yards

4.2 oz

5-7 wpi

this yarn can be purchased here.


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