zen and the art of harnessing energy


i’ve just mastered corespinning!!!

the intuition involved is different than for single spinning or plying.

a big part of why i love spinning is because i feel like i’m making art that is the direct representation of my body’s ability to turn fuel into energy. everything that i’ve consumed and the surroundings that i exist in are being utilized and channeled through my body to a point in my foot that transfers all of that energy (minus a small amount of heat release of course) to a system that carries all of the built up energy and releases it directly into something that i have complete control of.

corespinning is of course the same basic process of energy transfer but it differs in the amount of control that i have. with single spinning i have complete control and the spin doesn’t go any farther than i want it to. conversely, if control like that is exerted on corespinning it will over spin quickly and travel beyond recovery. the spin has to be allowed to just spin at it’s own pace. it’s more like guiding energy through fingers instead of exacting authority.

i am totally in love with both processes now. it took me about 100 yards of corespinning before i came to this conclusion through somewhat methodical chance and observation.


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