the d’eimon sisters

or demon sisters, as most called us. and boy were we ever! my sister and i were, in a word, ridiculous. inseparable and ridiculous. looking back, i think we were just bored and kept ourselves entertained by coming up with retardedly odd things to do. mostly we just drove around. sometimes we drove around backwards. occasionally we caught the car on fire. we were usually laughing.

most people have a hard time hanging out with us. mostly because they don’t know what’s going on. we have always said to each other that we like hanging out with the other because it’s like hanging out with ourselves. most normal social interactions don’t occur because we just get it.  we are usually just laughing.

so strikingly different in every way; but all throughout for each, the other: so familiar and essentially necessary. and we’re always just laughing.

10% acid dyed mixed breed wool, 10% kid mohair, 40% acid dyed CVM and lincoln, 40% border leicester


20.5 yards corespun thick and thin art yarn

151 yards sport weight thick and thin 2 ply

these are sister yarns and will not be separated!

these sister skins may be purchased here.


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