my new favorite yarn

to date!

this is not extrordinary at all. it happens all the time. and not just with yarn. pretty much, if it’s new and it’s also great then it’s my new favorite.

this was my old favorite…

i spun this about 3 years ago out of corriedale roving that i got at halcyon yarn in bath, maine. i dyed a small batch then spun half of it really thick and thin and spun the other half very skinny. it was an experiment in plying. for the parts when the thin sections were traveling together i plyed regularly. when the slubs came up i experimented with the angle that i held the skinny strand at. i really like it at a 90 degree angle and when it travels back onto itself.

i named it mountain jumper because it reminded me of the juniper dotted rolling hills of southwest new mexico which reminds me of a song by crooked still.

it goes a little something like this…

When I’m walking alone in the night I see the green coyote in the distance
Strolling in the desert long beneath the crescent moon
In the boomerang action of the noon gang I climb the hills and I wonder
Thunder and the lightning falls into a barren zone

Maybe someone saw me in the forest last Wednesday night, I don’t know.
I visit all the time but then again I try to not to be seen, in the green.
‘Cause I’m a mountain jumper, when I ride the night.
I’m a mountain jumper, when I ride the night.

I look at the bones, purplish tones, across the valley painted by the sage brush
Driest open prairie waiting for the fallen stars.
On a rock edge hanging off a steep ledge I climb on down into an oak tree
Rolling in it’s twisted limbs I float above the ground

Running from a rolling angry tumbleweed down a hill, in the wind
Sliding on the gravelly traveling avalanches on the slope, in the plain
‘Cause I’m a mountain jumper, when I ride the night.
I’m a mountain jumper, when I ride the night.

On the high ground, shaken by a low sound, the desert looming in the distance
Looking at the sunlight dying through the blackened ridge
Water out of nowhere, flying through the air, I see the tidal wave and I’m under
Holding in my breath I sink into the desert sea

Swimming through the turning and churning into the afternoon sun, up above
Floating river canyon abandoned by sand and heat and all the rocks, on the plain

‘Cause I’m a mountain jumper, when I ride the night.

this is what i made out of it…

then i lost it. frown.

this is my new favorite yarn…

i posted about this yarn on the yester in the d’eimon sisters, but i can’t help it, i just love it. and the photos i took yesterday didn’t quite capture it’s character.

it is spun out of kid mohair that i got from etsy, and some cvm and lincoln that i got at the taos sheep and wool festival in 2010 and then dyed with acid dyes. also from that same festival there is some white border leicester that i left undyed. there is also a little wool that was from one of the sheep on the farm that i worked on in maine, also acid dyed.


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