it’s not dark yet, but it’s gettin’ there

due to the axial tilt of our planet, at about 23.4°, the days up here in anchorage are really long in the summer time. even though the sun actually does dip below the horizon for a couple of hours in the night it is so shallow that some light creeps up past the edge of the world. it creates perpetual twilight; where dusk and dawn unite in a cyclical courtship. brief and sweet. soon, blackness will force it’s way in like an ice wedge in the tundra.

stealing soft and silent sleep, while outside, the colors of sweet whispers linger.


corespun thick and thin art yarn

100% cvm and lincoln on a cotton core

55 yards

2.2 oz

size US 8-10 knitting needles

and dawn…

100% cvm and lincoln

2 ply thick and thin

79 yards

1.6 oz

5-8 wpi

these lovers may be purchased here.



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