the scary lake

there is a lake,

a scary lake,

where unforgiving death is practical.

i found this lake one day. some call it ship lake. in the chugach mountains, it is in a valley surrounded by peaks o’malley, hidden and the ramp to the northeast and the wedge to the southeast. flattop in the distance. created by snow melt i imagine, the south fork of campbell creek revealing the watershed far below. maybe ancient glacier melt. the valley has a distinctive U shape. the milky green tint that the lake took on tends me to lean towards the latter.

the color is what scared me. it took me by surprise. i was most likely pondering over the varmint that i just spotted when it came upon me. i actually froze. that color. i was probably 100 feet away and i dared not go any closer for fear i might fall in. i felt like it was sucking me in to its frozen blue. then ceasing to be life.

i turned and i ran. i ran hard. i ran as if i were being predated upon.

100 % cvm and lincoln core spun art yarn

acid dyed

cotton core

102 yards

4.4 oz

this yarn may be purchased here.


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