long red braids

one little girl with long red braids.

cruel little girls with cute blond curls.

why difference is a curse she has to bear?

oh, and fuck pippy longstocking.*

between mean kids at school making fun of me, and not being able to walk through a store with my mother without having every old lady stopping to tell me that my hair is red and ask me where it came from, i really hated my red hair for a long time.

what kinda question is that anyways? where does your red hair come from?

i grew it myself bitch.

eventually my mother let me dye it. i think i was 12. i dyed it purple and i loved it. my hair wasn’t red again for many years. since then i’ve also shaved it a couple of times, permed it, straightened it, and dredded it. i’ve also grown to love it.

* just kidding pippy. i really love you!

like my long red braids this yarn was plyed with 3 strands. i didn’t use the navajo plying technique because i have 3 different singles made of 3 different fibers. the navajo ply technique involves a single strand of spun yarn. the bright red is 100% shetland, the orange to it’s right is cvm and lincoln, and the verigated flesh tone and purple is a mohair corriedale blend. all were acid dyed in separate batches.

3 ply

acid dyed shetland, cvm and lincoln, and mohair/corriedale blend

157 yards

4.4 oz

3-5 wpi bulky/sport

size us 8 knitting needles

this yarn may be purchased here.


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