brains are strange

people just want to talk about their problems, they aren’t interested in solutions.

maybe it’s something in our brain that gets pleasure from staying in problem. similar to the stress hormone, initially helpful in boosting the sprint that saves life in the face of a saber tooth tiger, but not so helpful when activated in the normal, casual, and comparatively luxurious life style that is most american’s day.

maybe there was a time in our brains development when coming up with solutions was far more difficult than it is today. maybe that chatty and social interaction of describing a problem to others was essentially necessary in order to try and think about it clearly. maybe that dynamic is forever woven into our personal and social systems.

i have noticed in some conversations of more then two, that even if the solution is clearly stated by one, the others will talk louder in order to continue the feeling of comfort that is gained in telling others of personal problems. in order to maintain feelings of comradery.

i try to be quiet. but sometimes i’m not.

come on and talk to us; we ain’t no nay-sayers!


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