identifying contractile tissue

muscle is made up of contractile filaments that can move past each other and change cell size. the purpose of contractile tissue it to allow motion and apply force.

i’ve been exploring my position on my bike lately so as to maintain a posture that works with the structure of my body and utilizes the muscles that are best suited for motion and force. actually it has become a little obsession of mine. this obsession started because of my knee of course and also because i was having a lot of low back pain and pinched nerves in my sit bones. the first thing that i started to explore was to completely relaxing my sacrem and letting gravity pull my sit bones into my saddle. i did this my activating my lowest core muscles. like a small wheel, i’d pull my core up and in turn my tail bone would melt into my saddle. it takes a lot of concentration to keep relaxed. i immediately noticed how much work my lower back was doing to pull my leg back up to the highest position and how little the muscles that were built for pulling up were doing. mainly my hip flexors and i also feel it up into my internal obliques.

i had to slow down. my hip flexors and obliques were not used to participating that much on my daily commute. my glutes were having a little easier time helping push down on the pedals but i still noticed where they were lacking before. again a lot of concentration must be kept so as to not fall into habitual ways.

other small movements include distributing my weight evenly across the ball of my foot so that i don’t continue to atrophy some of the medial ankle muscles on my injured leg, lifting and flatening my lower trapezius (i just like to say trapezius) so that i’m not crunching my upper body into my lower back, and pulling my shoulder blades down my back to keep my neck long and not tucked in like a turtle.

core spun art yarn, cvm and lincoln, and mohair

cvm and lincoln handspun auto wrap

cotton core

68 yards

4.4 oz

this yarn may be purchased here.



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