bessie the bicycle requires a vest

some people think that i am being practical by placing a barrier between my bike and u lock but that never really occurred to me. i made it because… well, why wouldn’t i?

all hand spun, all hand dyed. only the best for bessie the bicycle!



    1. thanks. i LOVE miss bessie! i’ve only had her for a few month so we’re still getting to know each other! i bet lots of surlys want vests, they’ll probably be jealous when they see how happy bessie is 🙂 i wonder if i could sell them. i’d probably have to market it as a u lock protector instead of bicycle clothes though. people would just think i’m weird (or they would realize that i actually am weird) now if i could only knit waterproof panniers. i’m pretty certain a small sea is being drained over anchorage right now:)

      1. You could totally sell those! I’ve got a little bit of sticky fabric tape on my Surly to protect the frame from the lock so I’d totally buy one from you.

        I live in Manchester, England where and it rains here EVERY day. Would there be some way of making it removable so it wouldn’t get ruined in the wet?

      2. removable is music to my ears (it means a trip to the button store :)) or maybe a zipper? but that might scratch the frame as well. if you want one let me know. they are silly easy to make. mine is 100% wool and it has held up really nicely in the rain, which hasn’t really stopped all summer! oh well, i really like biking in the rain, it kinda makes me giddy. (i know, i really am weird)

      3. I get some kind of odd pleasure out of riding in the rain too… maybe we’re both weird!

        My Troll is orange (plenty of pictures on my blog) and most accessories are just plain black; I guess the rest is over to your artistic impression.

      4. i also love riding in the sun! and boy howdy today is beautiful. 🙂 hmmm. i don’t have any black. dark natural greyish brown perhaps? i have a dark purple that is almost pretty much black.

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