the guernsey complete

this is officially my favorite sweater. (in the wear-ability category)

perfect for an outer layer on cold days, an inner layer on rainy days, or the only layer, which is preferable due to the blissful softness of the alpaca.

it is, however, almost excruciatingly warm. riding my bike, even when it’s poring down rain, is a pretty sweaty affair. i’m sure that will prove pretty pleasant when it’s below zero this winter.

the detailing of the guernsey is so charming! i know i’ve already posted about this but i can’t help it. i just love exquisite craftsmanship.

the pattern is from Rowan’s Knits for him by martin storey. it pretty much follows the traditional guernsey. i downsized the needles by 2 US sized. i used US 2 for the ribbing and US 3 for the body.

i added a functional button to the collar but i don’t like it at all and i will probably change it.

what to knit now? this is my favorite part!



    1. i have a feeling that it is not natural being from a huge manufacturer and needing to keep dye lots consistent, but they did a good job with the natural color. but i don’t know, maybe it is. the tat is actually a cleverly disguised ruler to measure my knitting patterns of the go because i always am without my tape measurer. it’s pretty handy, i measure lots of things!

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