true convience

Convenience is a term used to describe procedures, products and services that are intended to increase ease in accessibility, save resources (such as time, effort, and energy) and decrease frustration. {as defined by wikipedia}

most some americans are under the impression that their lives are so busy that just popping into the grocery store and buying, among other things, lettuce is the most convenient way to go about eating. i’m sorry but y’all are wrong.

let’s refer to the definition…

  1. ease in accessibility? -driving to the store, waiting in traffic, finding a parking spot, wandering through aisles, waiting in line, spending money, (which if i was really going to be picky here i would add the amount of hours worked to procure said items), accumulating unnecessary trash that will be need to be dealt with later, (yes a trash can seems handy now but think of the children for goodness sakes), dodging cars in the parking lot, waiting in traffic again, then preparing, and finally eating. huh… that seems like a lot of work.
  2. save resources? see no. 1
  3. decrease frustruation? see no. 1

this lovely salad that you see here came from my porch. ’nuff said.

three cheers for city garden!




  1. I feel like it is always easier to grab something to eat from the garden than to drive to the store. So many people want something quick and hop in the car and zip off to the grocery store or fast food, but it takes so much time to drive there and back…would have been quicker just to cook something at home.

      1. Rofl! You and me both then! We make note to avoid it as much as we can…I don’t think we even eat it once a month. Everytime I feel like I’m rushed, I always remind myself of the drive and quickly whip up something here instead. I’m to the point that I don’t even like the weekly grocery trips to stock up on the staples like milk.

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