green snowpants and whiplash

the night i wrecked my neck… i went to a party last winter. in girdwood, as in all of alaska, there was an epic amount of snow. at this particular party there was, built in the front yard, all sorts of small hills and ramps to slide down on many a different slideable objects.

i was bored and my toes were screaming at me. after consuming a suitable amount of assorted adult beverages i decided to pay no mind to the dress that was tangled up with my xtra tuffs and i got onto a crazy yellow board with a rope attached and i slid down. i fell of course, as i did on every subsequent attempt, but my feel weren’t so freezing anymore.

then someone gave me a pair of green snowpants with a cut out magazine picture of a very busty, very naked woman in the pocket where a ski pass or identification card might go. i guess that seemed appropriate; it certainly didn’t surprise me.

many, many more adult beverages were consumed by all. then it was decided (i played no part in this decision mind you) that we all go to the ski resort and slide down the mountain. there were many people in the car and enough beer to make many many more thoroughly incomprehensible. it was also the middle of the night.

we hiked up to the point where the lift deposits the children and the timid skiers; this is where most of the damage occurred. now, i’m a fairly cautious person, i usually don’t even dabble in adrenaline; apparently that part of my personality can be ignored sometimes. it’s probably safe to blame the booze. i fell so hard so many times. i had loads of fun.

the next morning was terrible. i was so hung over and the front of my neck was completely seized. i had the worst case of whiplash i have ever had. even worse than when the yellow cab rear ended me. twice. in a row.

100% superwash merino handspun sock yarn

acid dyed

368 yards

4.1 oz

8 wpi


this yarn may be purchased here.



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