rhubarb muffins

sometimes i don’t have any eggs, and sometimes i don’t have any milk, and sometimes,  just sometimes, i really want some muffins. this is what i do when all of these sometimes occur at the same time.


i first thawed some rhubarb and then pureed it with orange juice, sugar, and flax seeds. i love to use flax seeds but to benefit from omega-3’s that they contain they need to be crushed or blended so as to not just pass through you whole. i boiled quinoa for just a few minutes and then drained it and allowed it to cool. i used white flower and wheat bran, chia seeds and apple juice, sesame oil, agave nectar, and vanilla. no eggs, no dairy, and a little baking powder!


bake for 25-30 minutes at 375°. makes 24 muffins.

i think they are sweet enough so i like to put plain butter on top. if you want to sweeten them up a little, blend some butter with a little honey, vanilla extract, and fresh orange juice. some orange zest would probably be good in both the muffin recipe and the butter but i always forget about that until after i’ve already finished.

you can download a printable recipe pdf !


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