miss mitchell’s comet

what to say about miss maria mitchell… she’s pretty much bad ass! maria mitchell (pronounced ma-RY-ah) was born in nantucket massachusetts in 1818. she was the first american woman to work as a professional astronomer. in 1848 she became the first woman member of the american academy of arts and sciences and a member of the american association for the advancement of sciences in 1850. in 1847 she discovered, using a telescope, a comet which was appropriately named miss mitchell’s comet. she was the first person, male or femele, to hold the post of professor of astronomy at vassar college and was the director of the observatory there. after discovering the difference in pay between herself and that of many young males at the college she insisted on a raise and she got it!


โ€œnot in vain do we watch the setting and rising of the starsโ€


size: adult

handspun corriadale

rowan purelife, bluefaced leister

needles: one set of size us 6 ( 4mm) double point needles.


“we have a hunger of the mind. we ask for all of the knowledge around us and the more we get, the more we desire.” -maria mitchell


download free hat pattern




  1. it must depend on Acrobat as at some point i can briefly see a msg ‘unable to load a module’ before getting to a login page…thank you and don’t worry!
    unfortunately i’m not yet on ravelry… but i’ll make sure to download when i join ๐Ÿ™‚

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