the orange-crowned warbler

that isn’t really orange anywhere at all near it’s crown, and may, in certain light, be a little bit orange everywhere. a misleading little fella.

described in my birding books to be dingy, drab, dull and undistinguished; a rather unfair observation, as in it’s subtly there is a multitude of nuance and dimension. orange, yellow, olive, grey. he is distinguished by his undistinguished characteristics. he totally rocks at plain.

IMG_2117i have been listening to this little guys warble all spring and had mistaken it as a dark eyed junco; a difference that i still can not distinguish between, even knowing the difference.

both are a high pitched trill. i believe the warbler is a little more nasal sounding and if you listen closely it will either rise or fall in pitch at the end.

these little guys are breeding and singing everywhere right now so go check them out!




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