mixed media

lovers on the tundra

merry christmas says the geese…

IMG_2937thick oil paint, acrylic, rocks, amethyst beads. metal disks, and glass beads on plywood

this painting is reserved for a show in april

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i hope your day is full of love!



listening to the snow

IMG_291536 x 24

thick oil paint, acrylic, glass beads, rocks and silver leaf on plywood

this painting is reserved for a show in april.

if you like this painting please check out my website and look at more 🙂



sea lion progression

the mouse pad of my laptop broke and for a day i was forced to listed to the only think i could get to with a miraculous combination of arrows and enters. ani difranco. don’t get me wrong i love ani difranco but the love is more sentimental than anything. i listened to her a lot when i was a kid and she’s just not appropriate for this time in my life. she fills me with angst, which i think is visible in this first layer…


after a while i put aside the brushed and just painted with my fingers which i’ve never done before. loads of fun.

then things got kinda bland…


and finally it all came together…


i love how the rocks turned out…


oil and acrylic paint and rocks on plywood

16 x 36


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humpback whale

this has been a new direction for me. for first, it’s not a bird, for second, it’s mixed media and 3 dimensional.

IMG_2083it started off in the usual manner with drips and washes…

IMG_2115then i added some waves…

IMG_2119then colors, colors and whale head bumps…

IMG_2161kachemak bay rocks + gorilla glue + polyurethane + turnagain arm sand and silt = under the sea…

IMG_2179some more colors and a little bling and…

IMG_2184this whale is swimming. or diving. or doing whatever whales do in the privacy of their own home. or ocean.