little fox finds lunch

this little fox is very pleased…

IMG_286348 x 24

thick oil paint, acrylic, mica, turquoise, jasper, rocks and shells on plywood

this painting is reserved for  show next april.

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thanks for looking and i hope you had a lovely lunch too :).


pictures at an exhibition

i was at the library the other day looking for a specific melody. i had firmly planted in my brain that this specific melody was composed by Gustav Mahler. i checked out about 5 or so symphonies of Mahler’s thinking that my chances of hearing the melody were good. i also just happened to pick out Modest Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an exhibition”. i thought i already had this but couldn’t quite remember so i grabbed it because it’s the library and it’s free and i knew i liked it. (and no mom, it’s not the Stravinsky i was asking about, that’s the Rite of Spring)


i got home and proceeded to paint, just waiting for the first couple notes of my longed for melody to shine through.

IMG_2803 IMG_2802

i waited and waited…

IMG_2804 IMG_2813

the last note of the last symphony rang as i was just about to finish the first of my series of great egret displays.

i was crest fallen and grumpy.

IMG_2809so i needed a little pick me up. i popped in pictures at an exhibition. which i was convinced was actually the title of Gershwins Rhapsody in Blue. as you can tell i was ALL MIXED UP. THEN… to my astonishment, just as i was finishing the first of my egrets, the melody that i had been waiting for sounded throughout the house!!!

if was pretty much the most triumphant moment of my little lifetime. (listed to the first part of this and you’ll feel triumphant as well, just for listening) i think i probably hooped and hollared or jumped up and down a little or something equally not embarrassing like that.

i don’t know why this melody always makes me think of the moon and space exploration. it was probably in a movie.

but it was a perfect title for this little series of great egrets.

IMG_2830pictures at an exhibition I: great egret’s display at dawn

24 x 48

thick oil paint on plywood

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IMG_2836pictures in an exhibition II: the evening display of great egret

24 x 48

thick oil paint on plywood

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© erin rae d’eimon 2014




sitka black-tailed deer and fireweed

sitka deer like to eat plants and flowers and sometimes lichen. IMG_2776sitka deer are never alone, they always have lots of very specialized bacteria with them. IMG_2779the bacteria doesn’t get a free ride mind you, they have to work very hard at breaking down all that cellulose in the deer’s 4 chambered stomach.

IMG_2780Sitka deer live in southeast alaska. they are usually smaller than other deer and they are always cute.

this is what fireweed is made of…




IMG_2789sitka black-tailed deer with fireweed

24 x 24

thick oil paint on plywood

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these are atlantic puffins

sometimes they are called a common puffin. but don’t mistake them for not being special, because they are. they don’t live here in Alaska but they have kin in these parts. they live in Greenland and Iceand and other neat places like that and they probably spend their time eating fish, flying, swimming, sleeping and hanging out with their friends.

they look like this…

IMG_2771 IMG_2767

atlantic puffins eating fish.

12 x 12

oil paint on plywood

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