lovers on the tundra

merry christmas says the geese…

IMG_2937thick oil paint, acrylic, rocks, amethyst beads. metal disks, and glass beads on plywood

this painting is reserved for a show in april

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listening to the snow

IMG_291536 x 24

thick oil paint, acrylic, glass beads, rocks and silver leaf on plywood

this painting is reserved for a show in april.

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sitka black-tailed deer and fireweed

sitka deer like to eat plants and flowers and sometimes lichen. IMG_2776sitka deer are never alone, they always have lots of very specialized bacteria with them. IMG_2779the bacteria doesn’t get a free ride mind you, they have to work very hard at breaking down all that cellulose in the deer’s 4 chambered stomach.

IMG_2780Sitka deer live in southeast alaska. they are usually smaller than other deer and they are always cute.

this is what fireweed is made of…




IMG_2789sitka black-tailed deer with fireweed

24 x 24

thick oil paint on plywood

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these are atlantic puffins

sometimes they are called a common puffin. but don’t mistake them for not being special, because they are. they don’t live here in Alaska but they have kin in these parts. they live in Greenland and Iceand and other neat places like that and they probably spend their time eating fish, flying, swimming, sleeping and hanging out with their friends.

they look like this…

IMG_2771 IMG_2767

atlantic puffins eating fish.

12 x 12

oil paint on plywood

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